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Rhodonite: Zodiacs, Chakras, Elements, and More | Gracious Mineral

Rhodonite: Zodiacs, Chakras, Elements, and More | Gracious Mineral

Rhodonite: Zodiacs, Chakras, Elements, and More

Elements: Earth, Fire

Chakras: Heart, Root

Zodiac: Capricorn, Libra

Rhodonite is a manganese metasilicate mineral with a triclinic crystal system. It most often occurs in massive or granular habits. However, it can also crystallize in tabular form. This stone is typically a rose-red color, but can also be brownish red. It may contain black inclusions of manganese oxide. This stone is found in many places including the USA, Canada, Brazil, India, Sweden and South Africa. 

Rhodonite promotes the energy of love and focuses on outer-directed love. Its main purpose is to bring more love into the world. This stone will aid you in recognizing your talents and your special gifts. Once you are aware of your gifts, Rhodonite will encourage you to use those gifts to help the community and those around you. This stone will make generosity a priority for you and show you how to use your talents for others. 

Rhodonite is a great stone for revealing what your true purpose in life is. It will help you on the path to fulfillment of that purpose. It will also help you align with your goals and help you act with purpose and intent to reach all of your desired aspirations. Rhodonite is also a stone of self worth and can help you boost your self confidence. With a new given direction for your purpose in life, Rhodonite can help you feel like you really can make a difference in the world. It is great for continued learning and development of yourself and your talents. 

Rhodonite is a perfect companion for meditation practices and dream work. For both, this stone enhances clarity and your understanding of what your visions and dreams are trying to communicate to you. Rhodonite can even provide psychic links to your personal destiny. It is a powerful tool to balance your emotions. Its loving energy will help increase your ability to accept, forgive, and have unconditional love toward other people, and even yourself.

Harmoniously compatible with: 

  • Rose Quartz

  • Pink Calcite

  • Rhodochrosite

  • Morganite

  • Emerald

Care Instructions:

No specific handling instructions, except to treat your new stone with love!