Are you an Artist? Creator? Let's Chat!

Are you an Artist? Creator? Let's Chat!

Greenville Ohio Rock Shop New Age Crystal Mineral

The Gracious Mineral Company is located on beautiful Broadway Street in Downtown Greenville!

We have extra space to display beautiful goods but instead of filling the extra space with more crystals and minerals, we’ve decided to open it up to creators and artists, men and women alike.

All Consignors and their creations are juried as it is important to us that the atmosphere of our space and the items filling it support and maintain the overall aesthetic of The Gracious Mineral Company.

So what types of art are we looking for? ALL KINDS! Here’s some ideas:

  • Art
  • Decor
  • Pottery
  • Jewelry
  • Consumables/Non-Edible (*Ideally Organic/Non-GMO)
  • Plants/Terrariums

We broke each of these categories are broken down even further. You can read more and learn about the item guidelines HERE.

If you are interested in becoming a consignor in our beautiful space then we highly encourage you to continue reading!

Because we do jury all consignors and their items, there is an application process that we following. It’s simple, really.

  • Consignor fills out the application, providing all details.
  • We will review all applications and inform each person of our decision via phone or email.
  • If approved, we will set up a time to meet in person to review contract details and personally jury any items to be consigned.

If, after reading the items guidelines above, you feel you are ready to consign your art (each handmade creation is art) then we invite you to fill out the application.

And if you have a connection with other Creators and Artists, please pass this opportunity along!

 Ready to Consign? Click HERE!